November 17, 2011

My Digital Studio to the Rescue!

 After all the drama with Lucas' birthday invitations, we decided on avoiding a Yoda cake like we'd initially planned.  Instead we decided to go with an Angry Birds theme:)  Sorry about the toothpicks in the cakes; I was just about to put the Saran Wrap on when I realized that I hadn't photographed it yet.  I remembered to take a quick picture before the army of six year olds got let loose.  The next dilemma we faced was the thank you cards.  I decided to whip those up on My Digital Studio:)  Lucas politely informed me after I'd printed them all that the pigs don't go in the sling shots, the birds do:)  I just as equally politely informed him that he'd better get started on printing the insides of those 10 cards:) 

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  1. haha...on your son's remark! We're in Angry Bird themed heaven here as well with my son's party this weekend. Great job on the cakes! :)


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