November 30, 2010

Last Day for Some AMAZING Deals!

What a fun night!  I sat down tonight with a new app on my iphone and got to my scrapbooking!  I better you're wondering how my iphone and my scrapbooking are connected... well I downloaded a fabulous new app called Sketches 2 Scrapbook.  There is a free version that you can test out first... check it out!  Then, I fired up my laptop and set to work.  I LOVE MY DIGITAL STUDIO in case you couldn't tell...if you don't have it yet, get off your buns and send me an email today!  It is the last day that you can purchase My Digital Studio at 50% off!!!!!  It is also that last day to join my West Coast Creators team for an AMAZING deal.. check out this blog post for more details!!!!

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  1. LOVE this layout. Your boys are just the cutest!!!
    App is download as I type this very excited to use it over the weekend. :-)

  2. Awesome PAGE!!! Glad you got the app, it's awesome!!!!!!


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