November 02, 2010

Final Halloween Post

 Well, this is likely to be the last of the Halloween photos and then it's "Christmas Here We Come!"  The day before Halloween, Lucas was sick on the couch with a fever of 103 and I was trying desperately to keep a very excited Joe busy in the house because Sean was at work.  We went downstairs and made this adorable pumpkin... Joe was so proud of himself when we were done:)  Then we went upstairs and baked a HUGE batch of Halloween cookies.... my stomach hurts so bad... there is no longer a HUGE batch left:)  Sean did the pumpkins with the boys this year.  This has always been a dreaded job as neither of us has much creativity with pumpkins beyond the triangle eyes and jagged mouths.  As a result, this year, Sean went out and bought a stencil for the pumpkins so he could make them look the way that they looked in his mind:)  All four of us were thrilled with the results!

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1 comment:

Dawn said...

Sweet pumpkins! We didn't even do any this year, but we did decorate the outside though!How's Lucas feeling??