September 12, 2018

Wednesdays with the West Coast Creators

I have the most amazing "family" members in my West Coast Creators family:)  Every second week I love to share some of the amazing things that they are doing in their craft rooms so you can be inspired!  Make sure to head over to their sites and give them some love!  We have an AMAZINGLY interactive team site in which I post bi monthly Creative Challenges for all to participate in.  We draw random winners each month for some fun little prizes:)   For this month I put together a theme challenge and posted it as a starting point for all to work with:)
I'll share with you what they would see on our Team Page and then you can see what inspired these amazing creations!

Jacquelyne Laburda

Leah Dixon

Tracy Harford

Gillian Long

Sue Kimball

Chandra Junck

Theresa Duncan

Lori Willcox

Leah Dixon

Danielle Shannon

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